TechNowBlog Android app–pick for the year 2015 (Part I)

Apps are changing lives of people helping them to get the works done in a short time. We are always using many useful apps in our day-to-day life.

Navigation apps like Google Maps, Here Drive etc. are doing wonders when you have to get into exploring areas you didn’t know about. Here are some useful apps emerged in 2015, that you may be using or you would love to.

Google Photos


Announced during Google Developer Conference 2015, Google Photos launched as a displacement to the Photos on Google Plus. You can get unlimited space to save all of your photos here, with so many nice features to manage your content.

Some interesting features are:

  • Visual Search
  • Unlimited, Free, High-Quality Storage
  • Free Up Space On Your Device
  • Bring Photos To Life
  • Easy Editing
  • Shared Albums
  • Rediscover Your Photos
  • Instant Sharing

Google Photos


Money Lover- Money Manager


Developed by ZooStudio this app is a nice one to manage your expenses and set budget. Now you don’t have to get stressed over notebook and pen or excel sheet.

Discover the key features of this simple app:

  • Expense tracker & Money manager
  • Budget planner
  • Detailed and Visualized reports
  • Bill reminder
  • Cloud with top-notch security level

And be cool using it. The developers promise that “it’s free to use and will be free forever”.

Money Lover- Money Manager




It is a revolutionary app that helps you to explore, analyse, manage and clean your cloud and device storage.  Dropbox , Google Drive , OneDrive , BOX , and MEGA are supported.

Key Features:

  • See which files or folders are using most of your storage
  • Know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc)
  • Find duplicates
  • Know which files have been changed and when
  • Search for files

And here is testimony from Android Police:

“Unclouded Is A Gorgeous Way To Manage Your Dropbox And Google Drive Space”



Action Launcher 3


Launchers are now-a-days what giving new look and ease of use to smartphone users. It can save you from the boring UI of your smartphone. Action Launcher 3 is one of best launchers that replace your home-screen with a colourful, customizable and speedy app.

There are in-app purchases, and you can try it for free.

The features include:

  • Quicktheme
  • Quickbar
  • Covers
  • Shutters

Action Launcher 3