Write digitally with Neo smartpen N2


  • Manufacturer: NeoLab Convergence
  • Total Memory: 90 MB (up-to 1000 pages)
  • Price Tag: $139.00

Neo smartpen N2 is really an innovation, which enables loyal handwriting wordsmiths to adhere to traditional writing style, yet exploiting the goodies and necessities of latest technology.

You can use Neo smartpen on paper and it will be synchronized with your iPhone or Android device. Created by NeoLab Convergence, it has bagged iF Design Award 2015.

The information is transferred through Bluetooth® 4.0 and can synced in real-time. The pen captures each movement and records using a 120 fps camera sensor, and it is powered by the CogniVue CV2201-350CBI image cognition processor that utilizes energy-efficient dual ARM926EJ-S processors.


To use this beautiful coalition of tradition and modern technology, you need:

  1. Neo smartpen N2
  2. The Neo app (which can be downloaded from App Store)
  3. N notebook

You can save your work in different formats JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG and share using Evernote and Google Drive.

N2 is compatible with IOS 8.1/Android 4.1.2 or above.

Neo smartpen N2 costs $139.00 and N idea pad $21.90 in Amazon.